we celebrated the Queen's birthday by enjoying a family walk along the back beach. something we haven't done in a long time & something we are going to make sure we do more often! no excuses.

taking the time to explore & take extra deep breaths of the fresh salty air is something we planned on doing a lot when we moved here 7yrs ago. & when you make the effort to put down the tea towels, forget about the chores it is a refreshing & much needed break to walk & talk & spend time together. we continued the celebrations at home with hot drinks & slices of cake {because every birthday deserves cake!}


  1. Hey....there are a couple of you missing jumping over the water!!!! Looked like a fun day, best ever! x

  2. Lovely!! They are growing up so fast!!
    I hope to visit my family before the end of 2013 and hope to catch up with you! It's been the longest time I haven't visited Melb sinced I moved up here 24 years ago!

  3. Sarah these photos are so beautiful!!! Oh yes, do get out there as much as you can, for me, who is at least an hours drive from the beach and misses it so. :)
    ~Susannah x

  4. These are so gorgeous Sarah - I wish we lived there too, would spend hours on the beaches!
    ~Susannah xx