a special place

these 2
 have a special place in my heart
 i am missing them today
 they are at school together
 & when at home they love to explore. together
 they are lucky enough to have a tunnel of tea tree
 where they can escape & explore in
 a special place they are sure to remember as they look back on their childhood
do you have a special place you loved as a child?
{i remember spending hours climbing across a creek bed up & down the steps my Dad built. we also used it for an easy route to the school bus}


  1. We had the beach and rocks at Bridport - magical childhood memories - and now my children are creating their own memories there
    Beautiful photos of your gorgeous girls - sister love - its a wonderful thing

  2. Sigh. So beautiful. The sister relationship is like no other. x

  3. We played in the creek at the bottom of our paddock (for HOURS). These photos are adorable. What sweet girls - you must be so proud. It's clear they get along and that's wonderful.