life lately

 {bean bag loving while we wait for our new couch to arrive. it's been 7 yrs in the waiting 6 weeks in the making & it's due to arrive within the next 3hrs!}

 {my first Donna Hay packet cake mix attempt. wasn't much left after a few days so i'm guessing it's a winner?!}

 {gorgeous sunsets}

 {& peaceful early mornings}

 {new coffee stops explored}

 {welcoming a new member of the family 'Bella' the most adorable westie who can handle many cuddles & all the attention 2 little girls can dish out!}

 {school holiday baking}

 {night times that come so much faster after putting our clocks back. fairy lights always help add some sparkle}

{watching my girls grow up & imagining the day their feet will actually fit into my shoes!}
it's been a while. i know. & i am missing the time i used to have to sit & blog. but life has become busy & my time to stop & write a blog post is harder to find these days. with the school hols coming up in 2 more sleeps maybe i will get some more opportunities to come & say hi to you all?! i'm still taking lots of photos & enjoying the new families i get to meet as i snap away. i'll be back {hopefully soon!}

farewell summer

I can feel the warm sunshiny days slipping away. colder crisp mornings are making their way. but the memories we have of the season past are good ones!

what's your favourite summertime memory?


it was a honour to photograph this day of two very special people declaring their love for each other. forever.

more of their love story soon.

sunshine. sea & wild air

when life brings grief i think it's important to remember to keep living. as much as that sounds strange. this quote, i found via pinterest, is helping me in a time of sadness as we recently farewelled my father in law. he would want us to keep enjoying all that we love to do. a beautiful soul now at peace.

life lately

{salted caramel popcorn ice cream from 'the lab' oh. so. good. this was one of 3 flavours shared amongst 5 of us & was voted the best}

{while out on our boat celebrating Australia day these thrill seekers went over head. i hope to have a turn one day}

{loving the gorgeous sunny day & family time together without the dishes to do!}

{the water was amazing. so clear & a calming colour}

{a little city break & some time to location scout for a wedding i will be capturing in a couple of weeks time. very excited}

{the night before school went back. dinner at the beach & a cool down}

{as soon as school went back my coffee catch ups resumed! amongst many other must do's that aren't as fun}

{a little treat to celebrate the end of the first day back at school. & a pledge from me to be more organised this year & bake more!}


this quote:

{happy friday}


i do love them! even though most people find them annoying scavengers. i could photograph them all day long. these were taken on my iphone after a long first day back at work tuesday. it was hot & so to the beach we went, armed with dinner. leftovers were shared with these guys!

this morning

i walked the back beach & every time i walk along the sandy shore i discover new things. with the ocean flow, different things are exposed each time i set foot on the crumbling sand. my mind gets cleared from the sounds & smells of the crashing waves & i aim to return home with less clutter in my mind!

it's good for my soul. what do you enjoy doing that's good for you?

camera strap makeover

a quick & easy camera strap makeover idea just popped into my inbox via Cinti @ My Poppets newsletter & i just had to share 
for all of you out there who have a crafty side here are all the details
{enjoy & let me know if you make one!}

finding my blogging groove

i've been away from this little space of mine while life has taken over. the rush & haste as we anticipated & prepared for Christmas & all that comes with the end of year coming to a fast paced holt.

now that i have had some time to slow the days down. sit on my beach chair & watch my girls bask in the summer sunshine that finally appeared, i am now ready to find more time to share my photos & stories & reach out to others through my photography.

i hope you will be coming along for the ride with me?

summer loving

{a little taste of summer so far}
sunshine & sand
cooling salty sea
frozen fruity treats
& lots of slow relaxing days