weekly stills collection

{watching the beauty of autumn arrive through the changes on our vine} 

{relishing in the school holidays & time to be at home without the need to be somewhere at a certain time. bliss} 

{time to play her favourite ipad game. which gets limited to once a day. trying to cut down screen time here!} 

{when screen time is on hold creativity goes wild! meet snuffy the dog!} 

{my big girl hanging outside in the gorgeous evening light we have been having}

i'm joining in over here you can too!


  1. A beautiful collection, love the crafty dog & what a gorgeous shot of your big girl.

  2. What a lovely collection :) I love that 'home' pillow! Our school holidays begin at the end of this week - Can't wait for them!

    Sophie xo

  3. your photos are always fabulous Sarah!

    Have a wonderful week

  4. gorgeous images Sarah! love the little crafted person xx

  5. Lovely photos :) School holidays are just the best! Mine are back today though, so we are back to rushing about everywhere - boooo! Hope you have a great week. :)

  6. Lovely collection of images Sarah
    I love your home cushion

  7. School holidays are nearly here and hopefully we will get to do a little of the same. xx