a parcel in the post

*this is a sponsored post

the lovely people at the snugg emailed me & asked if i would like to review one of their products. i chose their ipad 3 case in white. they popped it in the post & within a few weeks it landed on my doorstep.

i love the way the cover can be converted into a stand. perfect for having the ipad at hand on the kitchen bench for browsing blogs!

& looking up tasty recipes. being able to use the cover in this way has inspired me to look up more meal ideas & have the world of cooking at my finger tips!

& makes it super easy to log onto pinterest while the cake is in the oven!

it's a great design & keeps the ipad snugg & secure!

{a big thank you to the snugg for gifting me with this cover. it will be put to good use}

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