weekend love

it's been a busy week round here & to start the 'weekend of no  set plans' i am filling the house with scents of vanilla & coffee. listening to chill out tunes & grabbing a pile of magazines to flick through. i really should get stuck into some menu planning a la jamie's 15 min meals. anyone else loving his quick make style? i have a feeling with some gorgeous melbourne weather set for the next few days time on the sand by the sea will be requested by my girls.

any plans for your weekend? or no plans at all?


  1. sounds like lovely hot weather weekend plans!!! I love Jamie's 15 minute meals...I menu plan at least two or three (maybe more) each week...or I just steal a few ideas and create my own version. We've got family staying with us this weekend so we'll play the host at show off this great city! have fun at the beach...xx

  2. Last night I went to 'A Day On The Green' and bopped along to the sounds of Boom Crash Opera, Dragon, Ross Wilson, The Angels and Hoodoo Gurus! It was a gorgeous day/night and we ate lots of dip and bikkies in the sun! It was really fun but I did wonder that I have not seen myself dance (in front of the mirror!) for a hundred years....I hoped I was dancing okay!!
    We should go to 'A Day On The Green' one day Sarah! Fun! x