on the wall

years ago i made sure i printed every photo i took & carefully had them placed in order of event into big photo albums. ready to be stored on the shelf for later viewing. i was extra diligent when i became a mum. making sure every baby photo & stage was kept for the day when my babies wanted to be told the stories of their early years. i also started scrap books but decided it really wasn't my thing. 

now a days my photo albums are still sitting on the shelves & my computer has become more of a memory keeper as each photo is kept in a folder for easy access & slide shows are often watched around the dinner table. i also prefer to print mini pics & display them around the house. so when walking past we can all be reminded of holidays. summertime. & the little things from our busy days. 

here i have used washi tape so that the display can be changed around. extra pics added & when i feel the need can put all these mini pics in a little box or glass bowl & start afresh.


  1. this is really lovely :) you have reminded me to get the kids' baby books out and get them up to date.. I was always terrible with those. these mini shots are a fab idea, sometimes the choice of getting things blown up or framed is so hard because you can't cover every wall! mini ones are a perfect solution - I might just have to steal your style ;) x

  2. That's a really lovely idea. Can I ask where you get the prints done (I'm hoping it's online so I can print my IG pictures out in a similar way!).