getting my colour on

a few weeks ago i went along to the first colour run held in the Southern Hemisphere 
at Flemington racecourse {Melbourne}
a huge event with over 12,000 eager participants
we all began in crisp white t's
& ended up being coloured from head to toe
the after party event was a happy place to be
& i can't wait to do it all again with a bigger group of friends next year
these were all taken with my iphone securely wrapped in a zip lock plastic bag for protection. to get more of an idea of the event watch this awesome clip & if you are keen check out if the colour run is coming to a place near you!


  1. How fun!!! I hadn't heard of it before.....
    But I could be willing to take part in something so fab next time!

  2. Wow looks amazing and crazy at the same time!! What an experience! xx