has arrived.

what's your favourite thing about winter?

mine would have to be the cosy heat of the fire & being able to drape an extra blanket on the bed to snuggle under on the coldest nights. hot soup for lunch & woollen tights!


  1. what a lovely shot, hope winter isn't too cold for you, we are waiting for summer to finally arrive here in the UK

  2. Oh I wish we had a fireplace. Ugg boots, winter soups and comfort food would have to be my favorites.

  3. Such beautiful images of Winter, I do love the sight of naked trees against the sky.
    I love the extra blankets too... and the warm meals... and ugg boots! xo

  4. Great pics, but oh gosh it's tough for me to even think about Winter when we have Summer over here :o) I do like to drink hot chocolate and warm apple cider with whipped cream (YUM)!