my girls

 love to
 have their
 hair plaited
 at night
so they
can wake
 up to
 of hair


  1. aw just gorgeous!!!! I too am a sucker for bumpy hair :-)

  2. So pretty. I used to love to do that too. Though my mum would love to have me sleep in rollers..not so comfy.

  3. Stunning!

    When I was her age I used to wear panty hose on my head to replicate hair as beautiful as your oldest girl's.x

  4. Oh I used to love doing that as a little girl too!
    Beautifully captured shots of your little ladies, they are so gorgeous xo

  5. Boy does this remind me of when I was younger. I used to love doing this. I felt like a princess the next day when my hair was all wavy. These are great pics; I love that last shot!

  6. This used to be the best thing when I was their age - a friend and I spent the better part of a whole day doing the teeniest tiniest plaits so that we'd have really crimpy hair - old school fun!

    Happy day to all,

  7. I love this sarah. my sister's hair looked like this when she was a kid - naturally. all the mums at school were convinced mum used to plait her hair EVERY.NIGHT. to make it look that way...!! haha these are beautiful images of your girls x