country life

travelling to friends in the country last weekend was full of 'remember when' & look at us now! toys were spread from room to room as 3 girls re-united & picked up from where they left off last time they saw each other.
 dinner was prepared & we were welcomed into their new home
the kitchen was a busy place where we all enjoyed cups of tea & relaxed conversation
 i fell in love with the chandelier
 & the home grown roses
& enjoyed spending time becoming familiar to these new surroundings
we were made to feel at home with little people creations on our pillows!
the fresh country air was embraced

& good times were shared
i love how these three love each other {my girls cried themselves to sleep once we got home missing their friend}
we had many laughs {especially watching a 21st dvd & flicking through photo albums}
i also fell in love with the bike
& the countryside, lakeside grasses, impressive buildings & the fun times of hanging out in our pj's while cooking up a delicious breakfast

this chandelier has plans to be hung in a chook shed on my friends sisters farm which i am sure would look amazing. but i think it should stay. don't you?!


  1. What a great bunch of pictures. I just love that bike too! I love the way you captured it!

  2. Oh WOW! I LOVE this post. The words, the photos, everything. What a special time you shared with your friends. The pic of the three girls is gorgeous, such precious friendships which will no doubt last a lifetime. And I like the chandelier too, very pretty. Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Just stunning.
    No wonder you fell in love with the bike - and the rest.
    :-) xx

  4. sarah, these images are just BEA-UTIFUL! so so beautiful. so simple, they really tell a story x