someone say ice cream?!

we are having some gorgeous sunshine here is Melbourne & with the school holidays in full swing i feel like everyday is saturday! todays activity of choice is to head to our favourite ice cream shop. i also need to do some secret easter egg shopping & my eldest has decided she needs a new pair of shoes. i really should be hanging out the washing to dry in this summer we never had kind of weather.

do you love ice cream too? my fave is chocolate. what about you?


  1. Is the Pope a Catholic? Yes I love ice-cream. I have two ice-cream makers so I can make 2 batches at a time. My favourites are Baci (chocolate with nutella stirred through before churning) and Lemon curd. Oh and coconut, coffee, caramel, burnt honey!
    We're lucky to have a little sweet shop called Sweet Envy in Hobart, Alistar Wise makes the most delightful ice-cream, I even like his pear and parsnip ice-cream!

    1. haha! love that saying! wow....I think I am going to have to fly over. All those flavours sound amazing!! yumo.

    2. Hi Sarah,

      I can recommend two books for ice-cream Nigella's Forever Summer (has the Baci recipe) and David Lebovitz The Perfect Scoop.
      We made up the Lemon Curd ice-cream, bascially make a 6 egg custard base and cool, then add a good cup of home-made lemon curd before churning.
      So good.
      The Burnt Honey recipe is at this link!

      Now I need to go home and make ice-cream!

  2. Of course I love ice cream! I would have to say my favorite flavor is coffee with chocolate chips. My local ice cream shoppe has this. It is sooooo good! And now that I mention it here, I turn to my husband and say "hey, lets go get ice cream from that place tomorrow!!" HAHA!

    Thanks for stopping by! And yes, I can't wait to meet my troop and lead my girls!! This is going to be an exciting summer!


  3. Our weather is glorious too. I think we forget just how lovely Autumn is sometimes. Maybe my fave... x

  4. I love going to Halls Gap in Winter to their little ice cream shop, never too cold for ice cream! Jaffa and Chocolate Choc Chip are my favorites!!
    Will catch up with you when I am at home recovering from my little surgery too Sarah! Big catch up!!! x

  5. I LOVE icecream, in fact we indulged in some delicious icecream today at the Easter Show. It was a gorgeous sun shiny day here today also. Sounds like you had a great day lined up, hope you enjoyed it! xo

  6. I had caramel & macadamia nut earlier in the week...yum!

  7. mmmm, I could go for a vanilla soft serve right now!

  8. mmm, that looks fantastic. i like chocolate chip!