little artist

both my girls love to be creative. whether it's whipping up cakes & soups in the cubby house or drawing with pastels at the dining room table there is always something keeping them busy. i love watching the concentration & the little hands at work.

i always loved art at school. have always thought about learning to sew. enjoy baking. & of course taking photographs is my creative outlet #1.

what about you? do you love being creative & how?


  1. The creative bug came late for me.

    From an early age I dabbled in creative writing but that fizzed out when I believed I needed to get a sensible job and forget the 'frilly' stuff of life. I started writing again recently, badly of course, but I'm not looking to get published. I just enjoy it so much.
    I sew, I quilt, I do papercraft, I bake. And my family always enjoy the fruits of my 'labour' ;)

    I always enjoy your photographs. I particularly liked the recent ones in the Soothing My Soul post. Delightful indeed

  2. What a gorgeous series and I adore the colours that your daughter is using.

    I've just posted a little snippet of my own creativity and how much I've enjoyed having some creative space this weekend.

    Happy day!

  3. Your little ones are creative like their Mummy..

    My creativity, photography and sewing... I am not a great baker, but I really enjoy cooking.

  4. Oh yes, craft all the way at our home, we all sew, paint, screen print, stitch, knit, crochet, cook, garden & make believe, it's such fun. I love listening to the hum of joy as they are busy. We ALL cut with scissors & open & close our mouths as we go, so silly.
    Learn to sew, i taught myself while pregnant between Uni & having my first baby, then made it my career, anything is possible, love Posie
    PS don't forget making potions with petals!!

  5. Oh me too! I can't help but take multiple shots of my Angus creating his artworks... LOVE the concentration too! What a beautiful series of photos here, magic memories xo

  6. sarah I love this! this is one of my favourite things to do, just watch their little minds and hands at work. looks like your little one is very creative with the paints. I too love the home arts, baking, sewing, embroidery, and like you, photography. there is such satisfaction in creating something with your own two hands. x

  7. Hi,

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  8. She is such an artist, great pictures huni I am so glad I found your blog :)