snap it { colour }

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it is a dream of mine to one day have one of these beach box beauties in our family. i love how they can be such a great place for your family & friends to meet. enjoy a day/night at the beach & have a little place to be sheltered from the harsh Aussie sun. i would fill it with bean bags & a hammock. lots of fresh snuggly towels & would no doubt have happy snaps on the walls of everyone enjoying themselves there. it's good to dream!

my only dilemma would be what colour to paint it?! what colour would you choose?

next weeks topic is sky


  1. A beautiful dream.
    Why stop at one colour?
    :-) x

  2. Oh I would love to have one of those too! Today I think I would paint it.. yellow, coral and teal stripes? But I will probably change my mind tomorrow! xx

  3. Wish you have one soon. In the mean time keep yourself busy choosing the perfect colour ;)

  4. Sounds heavenly! I'd go for rainbow colours. :)

  5. My eldest son loves yellow - so I'd have to have some yellow in there. Maybe yellow, red and blue!

  6. Oh I love the beach boxes ! Blue and yellow would be my picks.....I think!
    Happy Wednesday, Dee

  7. Gorgeous Sarah. What a joy it would be to have one of those boxes!

    I missed this week! I'll be back on track next week x

  8. I am late but I did do a snap it post ;)