leave pass

last night i needed to have dinner organised & ready to go early so i could pop out to do a quick photo session. after i had finished the shoot i had some time up my sleeve before i was due home for the bedtime routine & good night kisses. so i stopped the car at the foreshore & enjoyed snapping away. others were dining with friends at the restaurant on the beach. some were enjoying fish & chips at the picnic tables & i was loving the time to just look around & this is what i saw:


  1. these are really beautiful! I love how you find unique perspectives and compositions for your shots!

  2. It's always nice to have some alone time to be able to shoot at your leisure. These are great images.

    I too have taken the 'word verification' from the comments section, it is a real pain.

  3. A totally natural vibe with the wood and the water. You were completely surrounded by wood, whether it were the trees in the distance or the man made structures [boats and piers]. These photos are appealing.

  4. Absolutely stunning - every single shot.

  5. The boat called Harry is back !! Isn't world beautiful, your lens does it justice :)

    1. It is Stasha!! Good of you to remember it from the past. Love Harry!! The world is an amazing place x