a little slice of Italy

if i closed my eyes & tried hard enough i could have felt like i was actually in Italy. the Italian waiters had thick Italian accents. the menu had that authentic look & lists of authentic cuisine.

the pizza was just like it should be. tasty. fresh. big enough to be shared around the table. {mine had pureed broccoli & mozzarella & sausage meat. excellent combo!}

the shelves are covered in authentic Italian produce. i could have spent hours browsing the store & lots of money to take favourites home.

it's on my 'dream big' list. to spend some time in Italy. the last time i was there i was only 6 months old. but until then this is a little slice of Italy to visit while still on Australian shores.


  1. My favourite place ever!! I was there this morning getting some fresh veggies. I can't get enough of the place. :)
    The mushroom and truffle oil pizza is to die for as well. So lucky to have a slice of Italy so close to home.
    Glad you enjoyed it. xx

    1. So many great places around there but we always go back!! Must meet you there one day for the nutella dessert mmm!