it's been

a homemade lemonade drinking bare feet kind of day 


  1. Ahh two delightful things. I had bottled lemonade today, but really, it's not a patch on the GENUINE lemonade, YUM! And bare feet on soft cool grass, yes please! :o) xo

  2. Sound like the perfect day! We made lemonade with raspberries in it the other day and it was deeeeelish.

    I took 'toe' photo today but my pedi meant that it is pretty much unpublishable! x

  3. that looks a wonderful place to be, so lovely, where is it? we used to head off to Yamba at the end of the summer holidays when we lived in Sydney, I do miss it.

    1. Thanks Justine! I am guessing you are meaning the photo in the post above this one?! It is a beach on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic close by to where I live!!