sunday morning @ my house

i often get requests as soon as i open one eye
 to make pancakes for breakfast
so i collect all the ingredients 
 & whip up a batch
while we all congregate around the kitchen bench
& fill up hungry tummies

do you have a favourite pancake topping?
what do you love to do on a sunday morning @ your house?


  1. love these "moment in my life" series--and do you have kelly green walls in your kitchen!!?? LOVE!

  2. Real maple syrup. It's always real maple syrup. But I do like blueberries IN my pancakes. And if I have to go the el cheapo route, Log Cabin is my favorite non-real syrup. Now I want pancakes!!

  3. Sundays for us is bacon and eggs while reading the paper on the veranda. Pancakes anytime day or night with strawberries cream and chocolate sauce. Enjoy your lovely Sunday.

    Always Wendy

  4. Mmmm- I went to make pancakes this morning too, but realsied my eggs were out of date!!! We love ours with fresh strawberries, maple syrup and Ice cream.....yummi! x

  5. I love vegemite on my pancakes! When we were in Thailand, Sam got some pancakes from a street vendor and she put condensed milk on them, which he now loves!

  6. Oh I love this post, beautiful images. I must must must do a batch of pancakes very soon. My kidlets have never tried them and I'm sure they would LOVE them. I haven't had them in years myself. We're really missing out. What a lovely Sunday morning tradition xo

  7. Ooh, yum! A lovely post Sarah and gorgeous brekky shots too. We are lazy weekend cooks. Luckily, our local bread shop makes the fluffiest croissants - half the price of Bakers Delight and twice as big. So our semi-regular Sunday morning ritual is a 'buy and eat' affair with blackcurrant jam :)

  8. im classic, love the maple syrup.. :)

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