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it's monday.schools back.i miss brother is holidaying in Bali.lucky him.we have had a lot of rain these past few days.i love gold class movies.the only way to go when it's a special treat.i promised to get my household chores done before i turned the computer on. i did well & now i have so much blog reading to catch up on.these i would love to share with you

3191 Miles Apart
erin ever after


happy monday & happy reading


  1. oh wow, you're so sweet to mention my blog! I'm gonna go check out the other two you recommend! :)

  2. Oh how lovely. Yes, next week, first day or two when my 4 resume school for the final term of the year, i will hot tail it into a cinema seat also!! Love Posie

  3. How sweet of you thanks for sharing new blogs to read will enjoy having a visit,have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

  4. I have completely forgotten about the 3191 blog. It was one of the first blogs I ever followed the year they started "a year of mornings" and it brought a great deal of inspiration to me as I started to pursue my photography career. Thanks for blogging these, and bringing me back some inspiration. :)