i am

looking forward to the school
holidays & spending more days
without having to rush around
this first year of school is
going by so fast & I think we
need to stop & spend the next
couple of weeks slowing down
& enjoying the little things 
in life like walks on the beach
in the winter sunshine & movie
days & lunches with friends &
bush walking to amazing views
i am looking forward to having
my school girl home every day.


  1. me too!!
    i am so looking forward to spending some extra time with my little girl.

    enjoy Sarah ♥

  2. School holidays is something I always look forward to, as well- Not just having the kids home but being out of that rushy, rushy routine for a while.

  3. The joy of being idle. Savor it.

  4. one week to go here as well. I. Can't. Wait. Enjoy your time xxx

  5. Oh that does sound blissful... and remarkably similar to how I like to spend the days with my boys... though they are not at school yet, therefore the opportunity to do these things presents itself more often.
    Enjoy every moment, the years do fly past so quickly :o)