walking & wishing

this morning as I made the manic rush drive to school I saw a group of these beauties by the side of the road & made a mental note to stop on the way home to capture them
 before I could say just wait a moment for mummy to take another photo
a wish was being made with the last remaining dandelion 
 we then continued to walk around the neighbourhood checking out the nature around us
 the early morning dew drops which are begging me to save my pennies for a macro lens!
I love how the water pools on the leaves
 & little flowers were collected to take home & just so happened to match her little outfit perfectly
it definitely soothed my creative soul & helped me forget about the rushed morning we had & usually always have getting to school before the bell rings!


  1. So glad you stopped to capture these shots. Beautiful!

  2. we miss so much when we rush about, don't we? Thanks for reminding me to slow down...and make wishes x

  3. Great captures. I said it many times, bit hey, once more : I heart your blog, a lot!

  4. Breathtaking photos. All so precious. Dandelions are amazing aren't they!? As a child I used to love watching the droplets pool in leaves... so fresh and perfect looking. Gorgeous :o)

  5. A gorgeous set of shots. Love the dandelion and the last one, so cute!