finding my blogging groove

i've been away from this little space of mine while life has taken over. the rush & haste as we anticipated & prepared for Christmas & all that comes with the end of year coming to a fast paced holt.

now that i have had some time to slow the days down. sit on my beach chair & watch my girls bask in the summer sunshine that finally appeared, i am now ready to find more time to share my photos & stories & reach out to others through my photography.

i hope you will be coming along for the ride with me?


  1. Beautiful photo, that happened to me too and now I am trying to be back, but after the Christmas halt I always have a new perspective and I am experiencing my return as a fresh new start...

  2. Yes , please Sarah, please find your blogging groove again! I miss hearing what you have been up to across the bay and I miss your gorgeous and inspiring photos! I feel our blogs are our only way of catching up with each other these days......