the truth about film

santa gave my girls some really cool disposable film cameras last christmas. they have 24 exposures & when developed have a selection of vintage style frames printed on the images {how great is santa?!!} they have been saving the whole experience for a time when we can think about what to capture on the film. it has been interesting to see how they process the concept. yesterday miss 7 finished her roll of film. i explained that we need to now find somewhere to give the camera to so that the film inside can be put through a machine & then we can go back & collect the finished product. she was excited but had also just read the box properly to notice the flash should have been used with each shot! {the film speed was 400 so i am hoping most of the outdoor shots will be ok? hopefully!}

i told her stories of when i was a little girl. i didn't have a digital/instant camera or mobile phone. i had to always wait with anticipation after dropping my film at the local chemist. to often be totally disappointed with my photo taking results!

do you have fond film memories?!

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  1. I've been taking pictures for a LONG time. There was always a lot of excitement as a kid whenever we'd get back from vacation & my dad would mail my rolls of film off to the lab. I was always nervous that they would get lost!

    They never did, though. In a couple of weeks I'd get a nice, fat pack of photos back in the mail. Maybe this is why I still love to get mail!