getting away

for a weekend break is always on our 'must do in the new year' wish lists. i feel weekend escapes are always worth the quick packing of essentials & hitting the open road. driving for a few hours to arrive in a new place never before seen. this time we headed into the country.

& became familiar with the rolling hills & grazing sheep

 admired the scenery

 & we all fell in love with a new friend 'milo' {especially our girls who could play ball, frisbee & boss poor milo around!}

 we called this little piece of paradise home for the night
 after being welcomed with a delicious afternoon tea treat.

 we all slept soundly after exploring in the fresh country air & our next day started off slowly
 & the array of homemade breakfast goodness filled our tummies {apart from the delish crunchy granola, we had fresh laid eggs, homemade bread & jam, crumpets, preserved pears & yogurt which all got gobbled up before i could capture it!}
 i fell in love with the decor & have put in an order with my handyman husband for a shade similar to this.
 i also came across this gorgeous magazine. it sums up how i really need to be somedays. reminding me to be slow. to stop & just be.
a perfect little weekend escape & now we are looking at planning the next one!

do you love road tripping? where is your ultimate destination?


  1. Right, have to find that magazine! Have to get one of those lights too! Have to organise a weekend away there as well, it looked gorgeous!! Thanks for making me feel I was a million miles away with your images!!
    Aaaahhh, the serenity.....

  2. I love a road trip. Even a long Sunday drive. Living on an island 5x8kms, we don't have road trips that last more than 15 minutes!!! But we're heading to NZ later this year and it will mostly be a drive-and-stop-where-ever-we-feel-like-it trip - I can't wait.
    Love your photography. Always stunning!!