skies are changing around here from blue to the grey of colder mornings & fresh afternoons. leaves are falling & our family meals are moving on to roasts & more comforting hearty stews. this time of the year reminds me of mini road trips exploring & making the most of time as a family.

what do you love about autumn?
do you have some hearty dishes or puddings you would like to share? {please leave a comment or link}


  1. What's not to love! Keeping warm under handmade quilts, watching the rain fall outside while we bake goodies inside and hot bowls of delicious food that not only fill tummies but warm the soul! I have been exploring and recording weekly recipes with my slow cooker for a while now... They're perfect for warming up in the cooler months. And the best part is you can smell your dinner as it cooks all day long. Take a look and see what you like. I promise you won't be disappointed...

    Sophie xo

  2. Oh I love absolute favourite season!
    I love the moment when you can finally say, I think its chilly enough to pop the heater on!
    And I love making big pots of pumpkin soup.....maybe this weekend.....