weekly stills collection

a visitor at breakfast 
two nights in a city hotel. bliss
the city of melbourne. one of the views from our room
an evening walk along the yarra river. city lights love. 
after breakfast stroll along the yarra river
we found the site of the block in sth melbourne. & bumped into scotty. love the block!
just two of us for brekkie. doesn't happen often. got to read the paper
up close & personal with a calf at a family fun day.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely week.

    Oh to actually sit to eat breakfast, AND read the paper, I'm jealous!

    Beautiful photos.



  2. How lovely to have some time.. it looks wonderful.

  3. What a lovely week you have had. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Melbourne.

    Sarah x

  4. weekends away are so much fun...so wonderful to see you exploring the wonders of Melbourne!

  5. ooooo city breaks, would love to get me one of those, great to visit your week again! love the visitor at breakfast x

  6. Such gorgeous photo's and that calf made me laugh as it poses in ya face. May the beautiful fill this week as well. xxx

  7. looks like a lovely week, what a beautiful collection. See you tomorrow for another one :)

    thank you so much for linking up, always a pleasure to have you

    xo em