is one of the views from 18 floors up i admired on the weekend
the city of melbourne is somewhere i love to spend time
strolling along the river. eating out. people watching
& making the most of the change of scenery! the city lights always take my breath away. 
{more from my mini city break soon. & if you are in melbourne how are you keeping cool?!}


  1. I'm not keeping cool, that's the problem! Bring on the sweet cool change that still seems days and days into the future... I am glad you enjoy that Melbourne of ours, isn't she lovely?!

  2. Love Melbourne! I live near the beach but used to work inner city. Struggling with the heat... Lots of icy poles are helping! Great view x

  3. I love Melbourne. My husband is from there. We go back from time to time. I heart the city so much. X