life lately

i am slowly getting into a groove & allowing our new routine this year to take hold. putting my feet up & enjoying a hot cup of tea without distractions is not what i am used to but is something i am making sure i do in between all my household chores on my 'days off'. 
the signs of summer have been fading. & the grey skies have been slipping in amongst the bright blue sky days. just a few more weeks of warmth & sunshine would be nice. please!
i put my sneakers on for the first time in months & went for an ocean view walk with a friend & walking with a friend always makes it feel less like an effort & more like fun!

icy poles have been enjoyed on our usually very green lawn! but without the abundance of summer rain this year our grass has suffered.
friday nights are the best aren't they?! tonight we headed out to the beach for dinner & a walk. making the most of the lighter nights before the sun starts saying goodbye that little bit earlier.

now it's time to make sure the washing is taken care of so some relaxing can be done during the weekend!!

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