their love story

Meesha & Luke have actually been married before. fifteen years ago. they eloped.

so on this day {a very hot 41 degree day!} the 4th of January 2013 they gathered their nearest & dearest to celebrate their love for each other all over again. this time with their two boys by their sides. the family of four exchanged gifts with each other during the ceremony & lots of family & friends from the UK joined them to share in this beautiful celebration. full of colour & a delicious spanish feast of paella washed down with cold sangria.

despite a short power outage the party went on & the love these guys share with each other & their loved ones shone so bright.


  1. Looks like it was a day full of fun and lots of love! Great images! They will fall in love with how you captured their day x

  2. So beautiful!!! <3

    Hard to believe that there's summer somewhere!! :D

  3. Such a beautiful story - your pictures are truly gorgeous and captured perfectly.

    Nina x