the end of an era

in september 2005 i took on a life changing role finishing a job as a kindergarten teacher & entering into my most challenging career yet, as a Mum. after my six weeks of maternity leave i signed a piece of paper & into the post box went a letter informing the school i was working at, that i would not be returning. i still remember the excitement & feeling of overwhelming emotion.

during the past seven years we welcomed another little life into our family, moved to the beach & i began my journey into photography. next week as our youngest starts school i will be stepping away from my role as a 'stay at home Mum' my heart is aching & i am feeling a little lost. it's a role that i don't want to come to an end. & one that i would never sign a letter to finish. no little hand to hold. no voice to be heard as i drive along in the car. i am going to miss the day to day companionship & all the responsibilities.

while my girls are taking on their own journey at school i will be re-finding one of mine. 3 days a week i will be spending time with a class of four year olds as their teacher. 23 little souls to be-friend. & on the days i have away from the classroom i will be continuing to focus on my photography & look forward to new projects & photo sessions & so much more.

there is a lot of sadness as this chapter of my life is coming to an end. seven whole years. but i am looking forward to the future & in a way finding myself again.


  1. All the best! I'm a little while off that yet myself, but imagine feeling very similar. Well done on doing a stellar job thus far! I'm sure the future will continue to be bright well into the next chapter. xx

  2. motherhood is simply the best job. I'll be experiencing your sentiments next year when my youngest starts this year as she goes off to kinder but still has time with me I'll be cherishing each moment. All the best for your new adventures xx

  3. What a wonderful way to spend 7 years! This new chapter will be challenging in its own way too, I'm sure. Best of luck!

  4. Changes are never easy, especially when they re life changing. I understand being emotional as well. I have lived in Australia for 6 years and due to life and status changes, i have relocated back home to Slovakia.
    I still feel like and alien at times, but I have accepted the changes I am embracing what future life will bring to me. Crossing finger for you so the transition is easy. Im sure something AMAAAAZING awaits you. Good luck with everything! xxx sonishka