first steps

we have had a couple of teary mornings here. starting prep has been a little overwhelming for our littlest. she is loving her days. just not the goodbyes. new routines & places to be are slowly becoming normal again. tomorrow is another day & i hope a brighter one! now for a cup of tea & an early night for this emotional exhausted mama.


  1. Ohh, hugs to you honey :( We're just about to go through it all next week with my eldest. He seems keen now, but hope it stays that way once the 5 days a week routine kicks in. I, on the other hand, am a mess. So hard letting go xoxo

  2. hang in there Sarah! It's all a journey that continues even after the first few days. My son settled well in first term last year, but it was second term that surprisingly had us both a bit rattled! All will be ok!

  3. Sending lots of hugs! It will get easier for you both.
    It must be hard to be so little and go through all these new experiences :)
    Much love xoxo
    Claire x