these days

have been spent 
getting to know our new pet*
 enjoying our crop of lettuces 
 reading & being inspired through the pages of this book
 opening cards & presents galore
 as our littlest celebrates five
 croissants aplenty for a Christmas day 
 breakfast feast
cuddling with my girls
 hiding in the newly gifted t pee
 making the most of summer days 
& now it's time to get busy in the kitchen preparing dessert for 10 little ones & 10 grown ups for a new years eve gathering. lots of jelly, cream, berries & chocolate awaits.

{*the rabbit has been given to us & if anyone has any tips on how to care for a rabbit we would love any info you have to share. especially on how to get him back in the hutch after a play in the garden!}

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  1. Love this collection of images!! Bright, fun and very Summery! We are going to a wedding tonight to see in the new year! Hope you all have a good night too!! xxx