snap it {wrapped up}

one for now & one wrapped up for later!
please add your snap it post to the link up below. i am going to wrap up this weekly linky for the year as i have lots going on with photo sessions & school ending & Christmas shopping & all the rest of the 'must do' jobs for this time of year! a huge thank you to all of you who have linked up & played along. it has been lots of fun & great to see all your snaps.


  1. beautiful! Thanks for hosting snap it! I haven't joined in for a little while but I have enjoyed it for most of the year- Enjoy the craziness & festivities that is this time of the year xx

  2. Hey.....don't tell me you've been there without me??? Or was this from a while ago?

  3. I've posted my snap it but I'm think I'm too late to add my link to your list so I'll put it here Hope that's ok. It's been great fun. Thanks for hosting Sarah!

  4. Will snap it run next year? I'd love to join in! Have loved reading all the posts xx

    1. Hi Elisa! I will run it next year as long as others are happy to join in. It's has been quiet around here so I was thinking people had lost interest. But if you are in I will keep it up!! x