life lately

 last weekend i spent time watching short films here
once the sun went down so did the temperature & next year i will make sure i take more blankets & warm socks!
the sun was shining & my girls braved the sea for the first time in months. they had a ball & a pit stop for ice creams on the way home completed the 'best day ever' according to them!
i never tire of this view & couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
i also started my Christmas shopping. online. i find it the easiest option & often the cheapest as i google the best price. i shop here for books & cds. here for extra special handmade goodness. & here & here for almost anything!

do you love online shopping?
have you entered this giveaway yet?!


  1. Gorgeous photos and sounds like lovely experiences to match. And yes, I love some online shopping too, just so easy... which can be a good thing and a really bad thing at the same time :/ xo