have you

got one of those wonderful Christmas treat recipes. the one you whip up every year for friends & family. or the one you have on your must do list every year but haven't yet made?

if so i would LOVE you to share. please add a recipe or link to a recipe in the comment section so we can all spread a little festive cheer in the weeks ahead with some home baked goodness!

this is a little of what i am talkin about!! oh yum!
{thank you Tahnee for directing me to the peppermint bark}


  1. This chocolate tart is SO yummy. Fantastic for having guests around to share with a cup of tea. Great idea to share! Thanks!


  2. I haven't, but I'm hoping this will be my new 'thing': http://pinterest.com/pin/88383211408751023/

    And my mum's rumballs, but she won't even give ME the recipe for those!! x

  3. glad to be of service, lovely! though I am not sure you will be thanking me after the amount you are going to consume... it's ridiculously addictive!! really, it's the bees knees, I have been making it for about four years now - several batches! am due for another for gifting again this weekend x