happiness is ?

while i was enjoying some time at the hairdressers last weekend relaxing & enjoying a hot frothy coffee i was also flicking through a pile of magazines. i enjoy the magazines that have uplifting stories to tell. the ones that make you think. assess your own life & work towards making it better. i used my iphone to capture these two pages from wellbeing mag.{which was full of positivity!}

i would love you to share what happiness is to you?


  1. Happiness to me is....
    Family and friends around me. My kids - everything about them brings me deep true happiness. Coffee, chocolate and wine makes me happy. Sunrises and sunsets. Days at the beach. Trips away. A good party. Taking photos. Cuddles. Peace & quiet moments. Summer and writing.



  2. Laughing with Sam every day...laughing over the most silliest of things that I'm sure people would think we were strange! Knowing that I can come home after a yukky day at work, and Sam or Jack can make me smile!
    I love these moments....
    Have a lovely weekend Sarah xx

  3. Happiness to me is laughing with my loved ones. Happiness is any time spent with my family. Happiness is being able to put your feet up and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Happiness is a choice. :) xx