last week

we headed off on a family road trip. a week long holiday & time to explore new places. we stayed for 2 nights at waratah bay then had to move due to a noisy possum in the roof {i was craving some sleep!!} we relocated to a farm house close to wilson's prom & enjoyed the change in scenery & the vast amount of cows living on dairy farms. the fresh air & time spent in the country side was perfection. & getting to sleep with just the sound of frogs in the nearby dams was much more relaxing than a restless possum!

i think the thing i like most about road trips is the chance to each morning pick a new place to go & venturing into the unknown. not too many plans & the enjoyment of spending time together without the daily chores that can weigh you down.

makes me wonder if we could pack up & travel around this great big country of ours & really get road tripping?!


  1. I would pack up the car in a heartbeat if we had the chance! How lovely would it be to not have any idea of the time, to discover new amazing places and to say repeatedly, I could live here! Do it Sarah! The girls would love it! x

  2. We love a roadtrip - there's so much to see and learn and take a break from the everyday. Glad you had a great time (except for the possums!).

  3. Nothing like a change of scenery - and what gorgeous scenery!
    :-) xx

  4. I think you should! And you can document it for us as you go.

    What I love about road trips the most is the road before you is like a road to possibility. Anything and anywhere. x