it's amazing

how a trip to the country side can relax.    
 refresh & reinvigorate
 during our recent little holiday away
 we spent time amongst farmland.
 plenty of paddocks filled with hungry dairy cows
 & drove along the quiet country roads.
 listened to the buzz of the power lines which we don't here so loudly where we live
 felt the peace of getting back to nature
 & had a chance to make some new friends!
 who were very curious about us too
 being in the country made us stop & think about
 all the little things & the simple things in life too.


  1. Ohhh lovely photos of the moo cows, they do have a sense of peace and calm about them, beautiful. What a nice retreat xo

  2. Your photography is divine... When I got to the picture of the top of the cows head, it made me laugh... what a great take on a cow! Love these photos and love your blog!