life lately

has been busy. with no time to sit & smell the roses. everyone in our house has been suffering the winter blues & colds. coughing. sneezing. blocked noses & ear aches. thankfully the end is nigh & the little & big people are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. soon it will be blue skies again. this image is of the latest masterpiece drawn in the cubby house. we ran out of chalk. so oil pastels were used on the black board. & they rub off with little drama {who would have thought?!!} i hope you are happy & healthy & embracing the new season. i'm off to sit on the beach this morning to clear my head. then i have a camera full of newborn goodness to edit & process. happy day to you!


  1. That chalkboard drawing is awesome! I assumed oil pastels would be a nightmare to get off.
    Hope you're all on the mend asap! We had a house of sick for 3 weeks. Not fun!

  2. same in this household, albeit the sun shining today - still full of a headcold and achy body!

  3. That IS a gorgeous masterpiece. Sorry to hear you've been unwell also, it's been a bad end to the Winter unfortunately. Hopefully Spring will bring good health with it xo