i love

weekend drives to places where we can explore & spend time as a family. taking walks without thinking about the next house hold chore that needs to be done. escaping from the comfort of home & taking a look at the world around us. 

rain on our car windscreen

seagulls basking in the sun

my girls exploring the sand

swampy vegetation

daylight fading


  1. Stunning photos, absolutely stunning. LOVE that pic of the rainwater on the car, beautiful! Though I really can't pick a favourite from that lot xo

  2. beautiful pics Sarah, the colour behind the rain on the car windscreen is so vivid and i just adore any sunset shot!!!

  3. Gorgeous pics. What filter did you use?

    1. Thank you! I took them all on my iphone & edited with some filters in instagram. Sorry don't remember the exact filters for each!

  4. So beautiful! A little break is so needed. I love being free of my house... if that makes sense!? All the responsibility of a household left behind for a little while. x

  5. Yes, nothing like being out and about, especially with Instagram - beautiful