i am
harvesting & eating the home grown vegies!

do yo have a vegie patch @ your house? what do you love to grow?


  1. Oh not only do i love beetroot (nature's candy) but it looks so pretty growing, that vibrant red, mmmm.
    I just picked up a road side cabinet (made from old crates, glorious) & i've put it in the chicken run. Tomorrow i'm going to make a rooftop garden to grow lettuce & herbs for the chickens & ducks. I can do it easily with chicken wire over the top to give the poor vegetables a chance, but they will be for the poultry members of our family. All i know is that last Summer we had enough lettuce for our large family from a $2.50 punnett which grew 6 lettuce over & over like trees.
    We grow our own in a huge wine barrel, this Winter we've successfully had lettuce, in Canberra, crazy lucky. Last Summer i grew fine precious herbs like dill & coriander, i'd never mastered them before. Parsley is my favourite & next stop, i'm trying potatoes again. Love Posie

  2. I love how you composed this post. Great photos too.

  3. Magnificent snaps of your lovely... and yummy... garden. I don't have a vegie patch, but would like to set up a vegie planter box, once we renovate our backyard xo

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  5. Beautiful series of macros from your vegie patch Sarah
    We've pulled out everything (just about) for raspberries!! Some lettuces/rocket/herbs/lemons. (and a lone bean plant from school). We'll plant tomatoes in October too.