my days feel over whelming & my list of things to do gets longer & longer. i stop everything. & head to the sandy shores. sitting on the beach by the water seems to give me a clearer mind & a less stressed soul! the past school holidays were meant to be 2 weeks of relaxing & pj days & fun. but my girls argued with each other & whinged like never before. the beach was the only place i knew to take them to shake the dynamics & get them to love each other again! {they even fought at the beach over sticks & who had the most shells etc..} but i made the most of the fresh air & sunshine. 

{i find giving them instructions like 1.2.3 jump! helps distract them from each other}

what do you do when you need to calm your mind? where is your favourite place to chill & unwind?


  1. GORGEOUS!!!
    I'm the same Sarah - as soon as things are a little too crazy & I'm feeling cabin-feverish...I head out into the fresh air. We love going to the beach, but since moving we're another 20mins North from the beach making the trip about 45mins. Not too bad....but easier to head to the local forest or park instead.
    My kids aren't at arguing age yet :) Something for me to look forward to LOL.

  2. Absolutely! I find the beach such a calm place. Quiet, such a peaceful spot.
    It has an amazing effect on everyone...easy to distract us all! And Sarah, they are beautiful photos....x

  3. Yes. Beach and chocolate make everything better.

  4. I feel exactly the same way about the beach. It has such calming qualities and it helps to make me feel a little smaller and less caught up with my problems, that in itself is a good thing.
    Love your photos, so beautiful. And thank you for the tip about 1 2 3 jump! I think that really work with my boys too... because the arguing is just relentless, isn't it!? xo

  5. Yes the beach is perfect. I wish we lived closer. x