August tomorrow. 

woah the year is flying by. as i type this i can see the neighbours fruit tree in full blossom which must mean spring is near? yes? i am hanging out for that first day of warmth & the plans for evening bbqs to begin. for all the non-bloggers reading this skip the next bit {i have been given an error message saying i have exceeded my 1GB picasa photo storage allowance. has this happened to anyone else? if so how do you go about still uploading pics without paying for extra storage?! help please!}
we now have an ipad in the house. it's another distraction from the household chores. any tips & app love would be greatly appreciated. i had better go & make lunch {that's if i can pull miss 4 away from the new technology} & since it's August tomorrow i think i need to make some new goals to achieve before the year is over. soaring towards dreams & goals makes me live each day fuller & with clearer plans i feel i can work on making the most of my time here on this amazing planet we call home.

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  1. Have fun with the IPad; it can be quite addicting! Cool shot too! Love how they are lined up!