is known for many great things. shopping. cafes. coffee. & this past weekend i enjoyed plenty of the above with 2 friends. one i met in 1987 as we embarked on our first year of high school together & the other in 1993 as we began university. all 3 of us became friends {my high school friend & i both started uni doing the same course} & whenever we catch up share great laughs & time to just be. here's a little glimpse.

{i promise all the walking made up for all the eating!!}


  1. My goodness that IS alot of eating!! Yum! We'll have to do a catch up in the city one day too! I love wandering the streets of Melbourne....x

  2. Oh YUM YUM YUM! My tummy is rumbling now. LOVE those shots of the juice in the glass. Sounds like a brilliant weekend, so pleased you got to enjoy that time with great friends, it's very important xo

  3. Snap, i started high school in 1987 & Uni in 1993 too!! Are you having a 20 year school reunion, we are, so weird for my daughter in high school to consider me a high schooler, once upon a time!! I'm still friends with the first girl i met in preschool, i love it. I just know this school reunion (as i've lived in Darwin, Canberra & Brisbane) back in Sydney will be a fantastic catch up & reignite old friendships. Eating with the girls, delicious & doesn't get any better than that, mmmm, love Posie