in all it's colourful glory. 

city streets i am going to be seeing you again really soon. to enjoy capturing a totally different vibe to the sand & sea.

what do you love about your city? street art? cafes? hustle & bustle? strolls through the parks? i'd love you to share.


  1. I'd love to visit that alley way...where is it?

    1. Hey Nikki, it's Hosier lane just off Flinders st up from st Paul's cathedral on the left heading away from city!

  2. Wow, I just love that alleyway..Graffiti as art such an interesting form. Love your photos.

  3. So colourful!
    I'm a stroller through parks, prefer the peace & quiet to the hustle & bustle.

  4. I do love your city, with the little lanes, the trams and the bustle. Little old Hobart, I love being able to drive around it so quickly. I love the river and a snow capped mountain. Salamanca.

  5. Oh these photos are spectacular! All that colour!
    I am head over heels in love with my city. The beaches, the parks, the venues for wining, dining and shows. The proximity to the mountains and the sea. The SHOPS! Haha, I'd find it very hard to ever leave xo

  6. Love these shots. My home city? Love sitting in coffee shops by the river and walking everywhere.