the season

of autumn is upon us & brings more rainy days. 

time to shift from few layers of clothing to more.

warmth is needed. less leaves cover the trees & there is a chill in the air.

as clouds cover the sky there are less glimpses of the sun. 

it's a season of change. time where i find myself wearing warm socks instead of bare feet around the house. our meals are heartier & the vegie patch is replanted with winter crops. extra cups of tea are poured & scones get baked on sunday afternoons.


  1. Watching the storm with you was nice! x

  2. The best season by far! I love the chill in the air! I love the Autumn leaves falling and the promise of pajama days to come! x

  3. Yes I'm finding the need to put something on my feet- I'm angling for some new slippers for mothers day!

  4. Yes, I can feel the change too. These are stunning shots, they would look beautiful framed on a wall, the moment captured so perfectly xo

  5. my perfect time of year! lovely shots Sarah, I feel cold just looking at them ♥