new life

today we started our day @ the beach. it's an early start : 5.30am. to see the sun rise. it's my favourite church service of the year. sitting on the sand with blankets. my girls & husband huddled close to keep warm. a fire is lit & every year for the past 5 the sunrise has been amazing. then we head home to a breakfast of hot cross buns, an Easter egg hunt & get ready to hit the road to spend the rest of the day with family for lunch & dinner. we enjoy as much choccie as we can & rejoice in the love & life we have been given.

happy easter to you x

how do you celebrate?


  1. this sounds absolutely delightful - a beautiful tradition. Us? We hunt eggs and share a big breakfast and nap in the afternoon x

  2. Sounds BEAUTIFUL! We mix it up every year it seems. Today it was breakfast, church, nap, egg hunt!

  3. Beautiful pic; sounds like the perfect start to a day!

  4. I think we will add watching the sunrise to our ritual. However it may just be hubby and me (don't think I'll be able to wake the teenagers). Family and food are the focus for us on Easter Sunday. We still had an Easter Egg hunt even though the girls are 20 and 17.

  5. We colored Easter eggs, I gave my girls their baskets I made. Then we went to dinner with my family and then came home for our very own easter egg hunt!!

    I used to watch the sunrise on Easter. I wish we still did. It sounds like your Easter was perfect!!