marked the end of term one
& to celebrate i packed a picnic lunch, change of clothes for my school girl, bathers & towels just in case & we enjoyed making the most of the melbourne sunshine & warmth. it was the perfect way to start relaxing & getting into the groove of the school holidays!

last week we made a list of 'things to do' {like go to the library, ice cream shop, movies} cut them into strips & have placed them in a bowl. on the days we don't have plans already the girls can choose a piece of paper from the bowl & that decides what we will do that day!

what are your hot tips for making the most of the school holidays?


  1. This photo series truly made me smile - love the pink!

    As for holidays, we've done the same thing too but made it into a lucky dip so that although there are lots of fun things to do, you never know which one will get pulled out - works well as long as there are lots of sunny days....wet weather sometimes requires a second dip.

    Happy holidays!
    x F

  2. that's a great idea! I have hubby home for holidays as well this time round, so we're looking forward to a few day trips here & there, bbq's if this weather keeps up & hanging about home..enjoy!

  3. Happy holidays!
    Enjoy it all.
    :-) xx

  4. What a great idea picking the things to do from the bowl, I might try that also. Gorgeous images of your lovely day in the sun, happy times xo

  5. pretty photos! it makes me think about summer! :D
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  6. Wow... this is tells the story of spring/summer perfectly. BEAUTIFUL photos, very inspiring!

  7. Love this photos!!!!

    i love beach, sun...