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seagulls often only hang around when food is on offer & the other day as i walked the beach i stopped to spend some time capturing the gulls floating around catching fish with their beaks. i had swapped my beloved 50mm lens for the zoom so was able to get a little closer than usual! not everyone loves these sea birds but i can't resist photographing them & would secretly love to have an exhibition of all my seagull shots one day & would name it 
'gull' !

happy snapping. next weeks topic is green


  1. I agree with you about seagulls, i think they are great to photograph. This is a lovely shot. It looks like he's rally concentrating on catching some fish.

  2. I love your shot of the seagull.
    I'm still a lil spooked from time spent in Brighton UK with the meanest, hungriest, biggest seagulls known to mankind!
    Happy Wednesday, Dee

  3. Must be a bird thing happening this week LOL...I snapped one too :)
    Gorgeous pic Sarah!

  4. I love watching the seagulls soar and dive and glide around here.
    Beautiful shot!

  5. I would love to visit your exhibition.

  6. Such a beautiful photo, love the spots on his tail feathers. I think seagulls are quite lovely too, I always think of the story Jonathan Livingston Seagull and it's hard not to like them xo

  7. He's very intent isn't he? Great shot.