i went

here recently to enjoy some bathing time with my Mum & her sister who is visiting us from the UK. it was just the perfect place to unwind & relax & enjoy. not having my phone in my pocket to check consistently for a few hours was bliss!

the gift shop sold some turkish bath towels that would be just the thing to have as you step from pool to pool {the towels we had taken got very wet & hence showering/dressing afterwards was a little tricky}

here are a few little bits & pieces i think would be the perfect accompaniment to a day of relaxing at the springs. time at the beach. trip to the local pool or for a holiday in the tropics!

turkish bath towels available here

cotton plastic lined oversized bag available here

good looking & comfortable footwear available here

nourish organics coconut body wash available here

{all images from the mentioned product websites}


  1. I love this selection of beautiful things. Very tempting to grab one of those bags! thanks for sharing.

    1. the bag is just gorgeous!! my wish list is growing longer every day!

  2. i love the towels... not just your ordinary towel so makes it even more special!

  3. I so want those towels, they are just lovely xx